Do You Know the History of the Women’s Olympic Games in the Ancient Greece

  • April 16, 2019

Most people know that women were all forbidden to participate in the ancient Greek Olympics, but it's beyond imagination that women's Olympic Games was held in this old civilized territory

The ancient Greek women's Olympic Games was also named "Hera Games". Hera was the wife of the king worshiped by all of the ancient Greek gods, the most powerful god of this ancient world, Zeus. According to the record, the founder of the Hera Games established in the six Century BC was Hippodamia, the wife of the ancient Olympic Games' founder Per Ropes. In order to celebrate the happiness of marriage and reward Queen Hera, Hippodamia organized the first women's athletics in Olympia composed by the 16 girls out of the 16 states.

After that, it became an important custom. The "Hera Games" was also organized for once every four years at Holy Land in Olympia at the end of June and the beginning of July by the age of the competitors in three groups. The main project of the Hera Games was women's race which was relatively shorter compared with that of men's And the youngest women group's running distance was approximately 32 meters.

As the winner of the Hera Games, the winner can also win the glory in the Olympics, such as being awarded a corolla made of the sacred olive branches, getting a ritual of beef used to memorial of the god, and preserve their portraits in Olympia. As the record described, it was not until the Roman Empire invaded Greece that the Hera Games was ended with a history of about 146 years.

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