Winder The Sports Spirit of Olympic 2012

  • July 16, 2019

Olympic is a sports competitions that includes several of sporting events. It was played firstly in Olympia with the motive of making unity amongst suburb region. There were no more sports includes in this competition. The games ware only held amongst only local region. The games had only purposes for youth to show their talent but women could not participate in any events on that time. But, now the meaning of olympic games has changed and the games have also seen several of evolution. The interval of games has changed to four years and many sporting events have become the part of Olympic. Thousands of athletes are participated every games and won the medals in their respective streams. The Olympic has held at any particular city who wins the bid for hosting. The next Olympic Games will be held in London and it is a time again comes to enjoy your favorite sports and performance of favorite stars.

London is observably most beautiful and extraordinary city that attracts lots of tourists and visitors every year. But it is a time of Olympic and it is sure that the games bring amazing atmosphere and will also pull multicultural people in concert. The city is going to organize the multi-sporting events olympic games 2012 and also getting ready with entire preparations for starting the events. The games include total 26 sports events divide into 302 events that will played by 10500 athletes during 17 days mega events. The London Olympic will not just the most wanted event of fans or athletes, it also become a reason for people to visit the city and enjoy the double enjoyment and hilarity from streets of London to merriment of Olympics. The city has offers lots to its guests, which will give out as double leisure enhancements the exhilaration of 2012 London preparation of Olympic is almost completed and expected that the city draws huge crowds due to this sports festival. As declaration of london olympic schedule, people are eagerly planned for watching sports and visiting city. The city has complete entire preparation and ready to welcome athletes and visitors with several of modern offering. One can really enjoy the beauty of city with Olympic 2012. London will magnetize the great amount of audiences finally on the games. It is clear that entire world has set their eyes on the Olympic and expect maximum.

Just like other Olympic, London Olympic 2012 will also puts up with tremendous meaning in curiosity of sportsmen and athletes. Expected, it will be inspirational for such persons to come back to sports showground and offer their greatest. London will serve also as a platform for this mega sports event and provide opportunities to people to visit the city and enjoy. Ticket selling is almost end, but official has re-opened the counter for ticket selling to expectant people. If your want to visit the city and enjoy Olympic this time, you can only enjoy the games by acquiring olympic games tickets and can make plan. You can find tickets online or official website. The ticket cost is 20 to 2012 for different events, which you can obtain to enjoy the particular craziness of games is almost on high and people are eagerly finding the accurate schedule of Olympic 2012. The olympic games dates are declared as 27th July to 12th August. If you want to enjoy your favorite sports in this mega sporting festival, you must get complete schedule of entire 302 events that will help you to know the dates and time of particular sporting events. You can also be familiar with the schedule, when your favorite stars will show their performance.

Do You Know the History of the Women’s Olympic Games in the Ancient Greece

  • April 16, 2019

Most people know that women were all forbidden to participate in the ancient Greek Olympics, but it’s beyond imagination that women’s Olympic Games was held in this old civilized territory

The ancient Greek women’s Olympic Games was also named “Hera Games”. Hera was the wife of the king worshiped by all of the ancient Greek gods, the most powerful god of this ancient world, Zeus. According to the record, the founder of the Hera Games established in the six Century BC was Hippodamia, the wife of the ancient Olympic Games’ founder Per Ropes. In order to celebrate the happiness of marriage and reward Queen Hera, Hippodamia organized the first women’s athletics in Olympia composed by the 16 girls out of the 16 states.

After that, it became an important custom. The “Hera Games” was also organized for once every four years at Holy Land in Olympia at the end of June and the beginning of July by the age of the competitors in three groups. The main project of the Hera Games was women’s race which was relatively shorter compared with that of men’s And the youngest women group’s running distance was approximately 32 meters.

As the winner of the Hera Games, the winner can also win the glory in the Olympics, such as being awarded a corolla made of the sacred olive branches, getting a ritual of beef used to memorial of the god, and preserve their portraits in Olympia. As the record described, it was not until the Roman Empire invaded Greece that the Hera Games was ended with a history of about 146 years.

To Chinese badminton team, today’s semifinal between WangYihan and Nehwal undoubtedly was the highlight of the women’s singles arena. For that, head coach LiYongbo directed WangYihan in person. Whenever WangYihan appeared errors, the words he shouted only were simple expressions such as be stable or don’t worry without specific technical and tactical guidance.

After winning the match, Wang and coaches embraced tightly in together then confidently state that she had not defeated by Nehwal before, so she in a psychology edge.

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Presidential Or Prophetic Authority – Obama’s Mechanical First Press Briefing

  • January 16, 2019

With a democratically controlled house and senate it seemed more of a perfunctory briefing than a call for the nation to get onboard Obama?s economic tinker wagon.

With a pre-chosen list of reporter?s names to call from the entire briefing was mechanical and not very friendly. The first question asked by APs Jennifer Loven met with a terse ?No no no no, that?s just not the way it is,? the tone was set.

It was hard to tell if Obama feared the press would ask him a question that would put him on the tilt or if the press was afraid of more rebuke like Loven endured. The rest of the briefing was just more of Obama telling the press the way it really is regardless of their questions. Standoff-ish, robotic and mechanical may be the softer description of the interchange.

The briefing may have been more of a strategy to make the president look a little more presidential and a little less weak or confused after the strong resistance he has seen even from a severely backwatered GOP.

Comedian Bob Hope often said that his definition of a bank was a place that would lend you money if you could prove that you didn?t need it. Barack Obama said in his first press conference that the housing crisis and other fiscal problems in the U.S. were caused by banks that lent money to people without proving that they had the means to pay it back. Both of these views have something tacitly in common but neither is actually very funny.

After the expected howbeit boring rhetorical blaming of the out going administration for all of our economic woes the new Chief rambled on about the crisis as if the sky was falling even as he spoke. In a series of mini-speeches woven into other speeches he answered reporter?s questions with what sounded like he was still on the campaign trail.

Following Obama?s logic is often like posing a philosophical problem where the premise doesn?t lead from A to B, but in the hands of the new White House chief it cancels the premise and its possible outcome altogether!

Obama told reporters that insolvent citizens caused the problem but now he wants to lend money to teetering and nearly insolvent companies that will fix the problem. He added new meaning to the term ?six of one and a half dozen of the other.?

He has summarily blamed those on whom the crisis is about to fall for creating it. ?We the people? were to dumb to see that we were borrowing what we could not pay. Now the answer is to lend even more money to banks, institutions and corporations who also may not be able to pay. Our gamble is bad, although he was careful enough not to say that directly, but his gamble is rational and believable.

The incongruity of Obama?s reasoning is becoming almost a hallmark for the President. In the area of morality the same incomprehensible and borderline sophomoric reasoning is applied almost every time he opens his mouth.

For example, after rescinding President Bush?s executive order that banned the use of taxpayer?s money for abortion he spoke at a pro-life prayer breakfast at the Washington Hilton and said ?God wouldn’t condone taking the life of an innocent human being.? He went on to say or brag as it may be that he planned an office of faith based and neighborhood partnerships that would not favor one religious group over another.

The pro-life group would no doubt have been ecstatic if he had said he would favor the un-born and no doubt could care less about his views of religion. This incongruity is so remarkable that it would seem that that he has a touch of attention deficit disorder. God wouldn?t but I would, might have been more honest and in view of his first act in office, more comprehensible.

When Barack Obama decided that the Bible?s condemnation of homosexuality in the book of Romans was an ?obscure? passage that needn?t be taken too seriously he showed that he favors some religions over others especially if they are non-biblical or to liberal to take the Bible seriously. When he decided that the un-born whom God says he knows even while they are in the womb may not be a life begun he re-affirmed his disfavor for at least one religion across the board, biblically based Christianity.

Those still waiting for the official copy of his birth certificate have also subpoenaed his school records but none of them have been requested from any schools of theology as far as anyone can tell. So where did he get this high Divinity training in the exegesis of the Scriptures?

We have only to wonder if he would also say that the dozens of references throughout the bible that say God alone gives wealth to an individual or nation is also obscure. ?But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.? (De 8:18)

Not knowing this basic biblical teaching is only part of the problem. The most fundamental error is our president?s inability to see the inextricable link between a nation?s morality and its economy.

The truth is that when a nation decides to live in wholesale immorality God doesn?t whimsically intervene with a slap on the wrist but rather he promises that that nation?s wealth will be turned to dust.

Although I am an obscure man with no particular standing or fame (nor do I want any) I find myself in good company with true men of God in this day and the biblical prophets of old who all warned that no nation can flaunt their immorality forever and expect to continue in prosperity and wealth.

Over thirty years past I was assured that this country would undergo the worst economic downturn in its history. That economic collapse is directly tied to the rise in immorality and sexual perversion, violence and the slaughter of the innocents. It is now at the doors!

Perhaps the day is long past when kings resorted to prophets for their counsel. Maybe the day is almost gone when nations seek God together under the leadership of called men of God on a regular basis. But there is no doubt that God?s word has not changed. Even though there is fewer and fewer who will risk being derided and scorned, the process is sure and the outcome is known.

The process is that God sends messengers, evangelists, preachers and prophets. If they are heeded the outcome is positive and wealth is always part of that picture. If they are not heeded the power of the nation is broken along with its wealth.

It is not the so called ?separation of church and state? that we should be worried about but the separation of civil authority and prophetic authority. Ignoring this important distinction is done at our own peril.

In giving to Caesar the things that are Caesar?s and giving to God the things that are God?s we must not fail to see that conversely we must only take from Caesar the things that are Caesar?s and take from God the things that are God?s. While presidents and kings may give us economic plans it is prophetic utterance that tells the final disposition and future of a nation.

?Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.? (2 Ch 20:20)

Gaza Death Count Passes 900

  • October 16, 2018

Monday being fruitful for Israel was marked with the support from United States of America when President George W. Bush called for a cease-fire in the Gaza strip which depended on Hamas and led to the end of the searing firing on the Israeli towns.

The death toll of the Palestinians moved beyond the negative 900 mark. Death involved the civilians which created grim atmosphere all over the Gaza strip. The military troops of Israel tightened their protection around the urban areas in the search of the mysterious guerrillas who operate in small units and harass the enemy by surprise raids. Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert declared that Israel would continue the 17 day old war for as long as it calls for.

Israel troops have been fighting fierce gun battles against the Hamas fighters keeping their pressure intact and meanwhile avoiding the war intruding the urban zones which could complicate the issues and further delay the government efforts to end the Gaza war.

There were more than 25 air strikes around the city of Gaza by warplanes and helicopters supported by the troops and the tanks which probed into the defenses against the guerrillas. They had to be aware of the snipers and the booby traps. Hamas fighters were more off the sight fighters who kept firing rockets into Israel not exposing them and propping for an assault which might be in line for them.

As international diplomats worked with Egypt on a truce plan, an Israeli military spokesman said the army had yet to launch a much-heralded “Phase 3” of the war, following the initial air campaign and then ground advance.

Israeli forces have been reported to be holding from implementing their overtly potent third phase of the war, which would be following the primary air campaign and the ground offensive advancements. This information was discovered while the international ambassadors were discussing peace plan with Egypt regarding the entire issue. Israeli military spokesperson was found saying that they are holding back the third stage of attack but the military reserve units have moved in and are holding positions around the city of Gaza.

There has been a television and radio broadcast from the Hamas?s govermnet leader in Gaza from a secret location which ensured ?victory is at hand? and substantiated the statement by saying that the number of deaths would haunt President Bush and his administration.

All the innocent carnage has exposed the vulnerable loopholes and established flaw zones in the geography of the Middle East diplomatic scenario. The Bush administration has been supporting the Israel with a firm stand and European government is pressurizing them to call off its attacks and Arabs have been vocalizing against the Jewish state without any concealment. All this has been nothing more than boring holes in the basic infrastructure of the Middle East.

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