Gaza Death Count Passes 900

  • October 16, 2018

Monday being fruitful for Israel was marked with the support from United States of America when President George W. Bush called for a cease-fire in the Gaza strip which depended on Hamas and led to the end of the searing firing on the Israeli towns.

The death toll of the Palestinians moved beyond the negative 900 mark. Death involved the civilians which created grim atmosphere all over the Gaza strip. The military troops of Israel tightened their protection around the urban areas in the search of the mysterious guerrillas who operate in small units and harass the enemy by surprise raids. Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert declared that Israel would continue the 17 day old war for as long as it calls for.

Israel troops have been fighting fierce gun battles against the Hamas fighters keeping their pressure intact and meanwhile avoiding the war intruding the urban zones which could complicate the issues and further delay the government efforts to end the Gaza war.

There were more than 25 air strikes around the city of Gaza by warplanes and helicopters supported by the troops and the tanks which probed into the defenses against the guerrillas. They had to be aware of the snipers and the booby traps. Hamas fighters were more off the sight fighters who kept firing rockets into Israel not exposing them and propping for an assault which might be in line for them.

As international diplomats worked with Egypt on a truce plan, an Israeli military spokesman said the army had yet to launch a much-heralded "Phase 3" of the war, following the initial air campaign and then ground advance.

Israeli forces have been reported to be holding from implementing their overtly potent third phase of the war, which would be following the primary air campaign and the ground offensive advancements. This information was discovered while the international ambassadors were discussing peace plan with Egypt regarding the entire issue. Israeli military spokesperson was found saying that they are holding back the third stage of attack but the military reserve units have moved in and are holding positions around the city of Gaza.

There has been a television and radio broadcast from the Hamas?s govermnet leader in Gaza from a secret location which ensured ?victory is at hand? and substantiated the statement by saying that the number of deaths would haunt President Bush and his administration.

All the innocent carnage has exposed the vulnerable loopholes and established flaw zones in the geography of the Middle East diplomatic scenario. The Bush administration has been supporting the Israel with a firm stand and European government is pressurizing them to call off its attacks and Arabs have been vocalizing against the Jewish state without any concealment. All this has been nothing more than boring holes in the basic infrastructure of the Middle East.

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