Chinese New Year 2011 What You Should Prepare For

  • March 16, 2019

Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival, and "Chun Jie" for Chinese) is the most important festival in China, which is as important as Christmas in Western countries. The day of 3, February, 2011, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar is the New Year of 2011 for Chinese, when the first day of Lunar Calendar.

While, at New Year's Eve, Chinese people will hold a grand celebration and must "Shou Ye" which means the whole family should stay together and eat a sumptuous dinner and had better not sleep, all these behaviors could bring auspicious to people. Actually, on the New Year's Eve, the people will set off firecrackers, hang lanterns, paste couplets and New Year pictures and many other festival decoration goods to usher the New Year's arrival.

On the New Year's day, people will get up earlier than usual and people should be setting of firecrackers, eating dumplings and wear new clothes to hope a good start of the year. After breakfast, Chinese people begin to pay a New Year call to their relatives and friends, Chinese New Year greetings are the most interesting part of the Spring Festival, which could make people happier and warmer, and the kids usually get a red envelope which is a Chinese tradition and symbolizes good luck.

Chinese New Year's Celebration will end fifteen days later when the day of the Lantern Festival, During these time, each day have different meanings. Speak here, you will doubt why Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year? The Chinese Spring Festival is a very old celebration from ancient time. According to the legend, there was a monster called "Nian" who usually hurt people in the villages. Later, there is a brave man killed the monster for protecting the people with red torch and the tools with loud bang. At that time, people will wear or paste red goods and set off firecracker to celebrate and prevent the monster come again at this day.

Though this is a legend, people like to treat it as the true and New Year for the modern people seems become a time for family gatherings and holiday meals.