Roof Racks For All 4×4 Offroad Occasions

  • July 26, 2021

When it comes to 4x4 and off road trips, I am usually left to organise the easier things such as tents and water storage canisters and so on. I recently learned that things which seem so simple, such as roof racks, actually requires quite a bit of fore thought and knowledge of your vehicle. When considering roof racks for your vehicle, you will discover that there are a variety of options to choose from. For example, you will find the Aluminium Demountable Expedition Roof Racks are of the finest quality. They are fully welded and powder coated black for that fabulous appearance. They are patented slat with groves to cater to a 8mm bolt head while their modular design allow for accessories to be mounted and removed easily. Extra legs can easily be accommodated for added support with heavier loads and they come with gutter mounted stainless steel clamps.

On the other hand there is the Wind Cheetah Slimline Roof Rack. This particular roof rack is suitable for all vehicle types whereas the Expedition Roof Racks are more suited to land rovers. They are also fully welded and black powder coated. While sporting all the specifications its Expedition counterpart, it is available in track mount, gutter mount, demountable and grab-on mounting systems. Of course there are other roof rack types that we can look at to establish the fine quality and superior technology of the Front Runner 4x4 accessories and equipment, but the fact remains that Front Runner as a leading 4x4 equipment and accessories company makes use of the most up to date technology and Computer Aided Design to bring the very best and technologically advanced product directly to you. Don?t be caught out with inferior products, save yourself time and energy ? invest in Front Runner products today.


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