Second Time On Jumping Stilts First Time To The Hospital

  • April 26, 2021

Using jumping stilts can be quite dangerous as my friend Greg found out yesterday. We were on our jumping stilts for the second time this winter and Greg was very confident in being on his jumping stilts. I was not so sure so I went and bought a helmet , wrist guards , knee pads , and elbow pads. I offered to him that he use them but was so confident on his jumping stilts that he decided that he didn't want to use them.
It was a great winter day in canada for jumping and we decided to film ourselves jumping around in the parking lot. Greg went first and like I said before he didn't want safety gear ,we are both learning to use the stilts and he was doing great on them running and jumping as well. It was my turn and it was also my second time on jumping stilts but I put on all of my safety gear , I jumped around for about 30 minutes and let me tell you it is a great feeling to be on those stilts until I hit the curb at the road side with one of the stilts and fell down . I didnt hurt myself though because I hit my knee pads and wrist guards and was able to get up and continue with my jumping and running aroud for another 30 minutes, ill tell you it is a lot of fun but it is very tiring , it is pobably the most tiring thing ive ever done.
It was now Gregs turn again and he wanted to try and run as fast as he could down the sidewalk ,again I told him he should wear all the safety gear and again he scoffed at it. He put on the stilts and we went out to the front sidewalk and he took off and was doing really well ,getting good height and and distance and was moving really fast then he hit the transition from the road to the sidewalk and bang before he knew it he had hit the pavement. I didnt even see it, I had just stopped filming him because he was getting to far away and I was looking at the camera when I heard him yelling for help and I went to over to him .When I got there he couldnt get up and thought he had broke his knee so I had to gently take the stilts off him so he could see if he could walk, fortunatly a trip to the hospital revealed that he only needed 6 stitches in the opening in his knee ,lucky for him it could have been much worse .

The point to this story is that when you are jumping on your stilts all safety equiptment is needed to keep you from being injured ,a helmet , knee pads ,elbow pads and be sure you have wrist guards and you will sure to enjoy your self more .


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